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Who we are:

Ingwenya Mineral Processing (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in the latter half of 2006, and was formed to service the mining industry in the field of contract mineral processing consulting services with specific focus on the coal industry.


The company takes advantage of specialised industry requirements in providing mineral processing expertise to various clients for the benefit of its own shareholders. The company recognises the requirements of the Mining Charter and has a BEE shareholding component of 45% as well as board representation. 


Having started less than a decade ago, Ingwenya Mineral Processing (Pty) Ltd has today completed the design, construction and commissioning of a number of success operational coal-washing plants in the industry. From the modest beginnings processing coal in South Africa, the mid-tier coal-minerals processing specialist is growing its portfolio beyond local border as far afield as Russia, and is further involved in technological advancements that will see the industry develop.






What we do:

The modular plants, in which we specialises, are gaining popularity in the coal industry. They are ideally suited to its remaining Witbank coal reserves, which are mostly widespread small pockets. A modular plant can be designed to process small or large amounts, and is easy to relocate as well. It is important to note that we use traditional original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for its major equipment items.


Management has one main growth objective – to build two modular plants every year and two new operations and maintenance contracts annually.


Thanks to our 4000m2 workshop facility, we are able to build easy-to-operate, tailor-made, modular plants with very short lead times. Ingwenya can also erect and commission a plant in about three to four months, depending on the size of the plant. 



Number of employees: Over 180

Black Ownership: 45%

Black Directors: 45%

Black employees: 73%